About Us

We are the patent holder and manufacturer of this reliable, sensible and cost-effective strainer drawer product line.  Back in 2004, realizing the need of this unique invention, we started to manufacture this product in quantity.  Since then, our product has been  distributed to 37 states, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the list keeps growing.  Local sanitary departments are very supportive to our efforts.

Food Waste Ban.  Aside from sewer clogging problem, food waste ban is coming as local governments are prohibiting us to throw food away.  Under this ban, no food waste is allowed to go to the city sewer or landfill.  The first step for you to comply with this ban is to collect food waste with our strainer drawer.

Tomorrow Is Here.  New technology converting your food waste into clean water going into city sewer system is available.  Established business entities are embracing this new technology and collecting food waste with our product line.