Our product offers long-term solution:

• No moving parts to maintain.
• Save money on electricity and water.
• Save money on services caused by plumbing backflow.
• Save money on less frequent service on grease trap/interceptor.
• Avoid business disruptions.
• Reduce notorious grease interceptor odors.
• More reliable than electric garbage disposer.
• Constructed with durable stainless steel.
• Environmentally friendly.
• Encouraged by local governments and Water Districts.

Over the past decade, more and more City Halls and local Water Districts have restricted or even prohibited the continued usage of electric garbage disposals in the commercial food service sector. Many commercial food service operators are required to disconnect their existing electric garbage disposals because they produce ground food waste that can clog city sanitary sewer lines.

We have been following the guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency and local government ordinance to design this very unique product line.  It does not use electricity and is mounted under a food preparation, pre-rinse, or ware-washing sink. It collects solid particles in its patented strainer drawer which keeps the grease trap and underground grease interceptor much cleaner.  It reduces notorious sewer odors and greatly alleviates the burden on sanitary sewer systems.

Restaurants operators understand the high cost of plumbing services and nuisances caused by clogging and backflows in kitchens too well.  Sometimes it is caused by employee negligence.  Our design eliminates potential human errors, negligence and misuse when it comes to the application of ordinary removable floor strainers.  Our product takes the food waste management in commercial food service sector to a whole new level. In commercial kitchens, an electric garbage disposal mixes fresh water with ground food waste and increases the amount of Fats, Oil and Grease (or FOG) entering the sewer system. This puts an increased burden on the grease trap/interceptor, which is designed to separate water from grease. The usage of an electric garbage disposer to grind food waste is no longer considered as “Best Management Practice”.

Garbage Disposer Replacement Unit – GDRU

Replacing Your Electric Garbage Disposer with this alternative

In recent years, commercial electric garbage disposals have been identified as the greatest single source of ground food waste and FOG accumulated in public sanitary sewer lines that causes overflows.  More and more municipalities and local Water Districts have restricted or even prohibited the usage of commercial electric garbage disposals in food service establishments. Instead of grinding the food waste and wasting clean water for flushing, our GDRU strains the food solid particles under the pre-rinse sink when dirty dishes are being pre-rinsed, removing the wet waste from the restaurant’s wastewater. To ensure these food particles are not flushed down your drains, install our GDRU to catch any solid waste before it enters the piping system and grease trap/interceptor. This will help to eliminate the backflows and the foul grease trap/interceptor odors. After all, GDRU costs much less than an electric garbage disposer.

Trash Interceptors – Food Scrap Collector

Preventing Drain and Grease Trap Clogs.

Our trash interceptors prevent solid particles from entering your piping system.  They reduce the frequency of plumbing service required for your drains and grease trap.  Calling for a plumbing service is expensive.  Clogged sinks and flooded floors in the dish-room disrupt your business operation and gross revenue.  Furthermore, plumbing services only temporarily fix the problem and don’t prevent them from happening again.

In our Trash Interceptors, there are no moving parts to break down and it is maintenance free.  For less than the cost of a few plumbing service calls, you can protect your business by investing in this long term solution.